Pricing and value go hand in hand. When customers or potential customers are unable to quickly learn more about you, they most likely will move on to the next option that pops up on Google search. Lost customers = lost business and lost revenue.

My fees are based on a general type of package that provides great value.


Site Set-Up Fee

Includes: Installing, preparing and setting up content management system (WordPress or Joomla); customizing site theme/template, home page, basic SEO with site set-up; 1 contact form; social media links; up to 2 hours of consultation and 1 hour of training.

Additional pages

Includes: Adding client-furnished content; basic SEO for each additional page; and up to 10 client-supplied images.

$75 per page

Notes: Additional fees may be agreed upon should client request more images and form development. Please keep in mind that building or redesigning a website is based on various factors. For example, online stores or e-commerce websites require significant planning and collaboration. Contact me at no obligation, so we can discuss your goals and needs.

Finally, my fees are commensurate with my years of experience, educational background, level of skill and technical training. I have a degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University, and I have an Associates degree in Web Design and Development from Texas State Technical College.

Also, as a self-employed, small business owner myself, my overhead costs are much less than an agency. Those savings are passed on to my clients.