Good Website Design

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Should I choose WordPress or Joomla for my content management system?

There are pros for both, and I (as your web designer consultant) will be happy to discuss this choice further with you. Keep in mind that neither one requires knowledge of HTML.

Generally speaking WordPress was developed as a blogging system, whereas Joomla  — more as a content management system. WordPress is very user-friendly and quick/easy to update. Joomla has more upgrades than WordPress. Fortunately, Joomla has many video tutorials on YouTube.

With WordPress, you can normally expect to be listed in Google within 2 days (Joomla can take up to 14 days). WordPress can handle high numbers of visitors and will not break down easily. WordPress has fixed pages, posts and categories. In short, Joomla is a more complex system but that also lends to its strength (in terms of deep level navigation, categories, changing page orders, E-commerce, etc.).

How long does it take to create a website?
I take deadlines and date expectations very seriously, and consider all reasonable time frames. A simple one-page website may be produced in one week or less. A complicated, 15-20 page website with a navigation system and other “jazzy” visuals will take longer. Once I have an idea of your design and time expectations, I will certainly work hard to accommodate your needs.

How do I maintain my website? How do I keep it current?
How you maintain your website is your choice. You can either update your website on your own or you can arrange for JGardner Designs to maintain it for you. Your website will be created or redesigned using either WordPress or Joomla. Both content management system platforms are highly popular, because they make content maintenance easier for everyone.

How much do you charge?
Fees are based on a number of factors and involve answers to a few up-front questions, such as, “Do you want an online store?” or “How many images and/or online forms do you want to include?” After we have discussed your needs and expectations, we can negotiate a fee that we both can agree on. To give you an idea of how we can start, JGardner Designs has a basic setup fee structure. For more details, see pricing.

How do I start? Can I get a free quote?
It only takes a few minutes! Complete and submit the no-obligation “Web Design Price Quote” online form, and I will get back with you within 48 hours. Or, you may call Jennifer directly at 254-214-1483.

How are websites normally structured or organized?
A good website design normally contains numerous Web pages. Every website has a “Home” page (also called the Index page). Examples of other pages are:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Order
  • Portfolio
  • Products
  • Rates
  • Resources
  • Terms of Use

Do you provide copywriting services?
If you want help writing or editing your content, JGardner Designs contracts with a professional copywriter and editor. With over 20 years corporate communications and marketing writing experience, JGardner Designs’ copywriter will help you target and connect with your audience. If you simply need proofreading and/or editing services, we also provide that service.