Web Designer Specializing in WordPress and Joomla Websites

Welcome! I am happy you are here.

I am Jennifer Gardner, the face and founder of JGardner Designs. My mission is to design visually inspiring websites that will help people and their organizations grow and prosper.

What can you expect from me? In the beginning, I will ask questions and listen attentively. After learning more about your goals, needs, dreams and expectations, I go to the drawing board. By the time we are done, you can expect at minimum a website that is:

  • aesthetically pleasing (visually appealing yet focused);
  • easy to navigate (visitors can quickly find what they need);
  • optimized; one that ranks high in SEO (search engine optimization); and one
  • responsive: site that is easy to view and navigate across multiple platforms (mobile devices, tablets and desktops);
  • easy to maintain – one that will remain dynamic and current.

About You, Me and the Age of the Customer

Today website designers find that many clients want control of their websites. These clients want to maintain and update their content, at their convenience and when they need it done. For this reason, I specialize in creating websites using WordPress and Joomla, two highly popular Content Management Systems (CMS). These platforms are known for their ease of use. Many well-known celebrities and major brands – such as Beyoncé and Sony Music – use WordPress for their web presence.

Do you have a choice? On the other hand, some individuals may want little or nothing to do with website maintenance. Whatever level of client involvement, I strive to provide the level of service that each client needs and expects.

A closing note about me and my approach. We live in the “age of the customer.” And today’s customers accessing the Internet want control of their experiences, and they want quick and reliable answers to their needs. While I strive for visually appealing websites, customers today want more than pretty pictures. You want a website that is much more than a well-designed billboard, and I will help you achieve your goals.

They say we have about 10 seconds to make a good first impression. Let’s make it an unforgettable experience, so your visitors will keep coming back.